Product Introduction

LCD Monitor Protective Filter

AG Blue Light Cut Film (Anti-blue light & Anti-Glare screen film)
AG Blue Light Cut Film (Anti-blue light & Anti-Glare screen film)
AG Blue Light Cut Film (Anti-blue light & Anti-Glare screen film)

Product Name : AG Blue Light Cut Film (Anti-blue light & Anti-Glare screen film)

Item No. : BLC-PETAG

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Blue Light Cut Film

Product Features
  • Processed with high effectiveness blue light filtration
  • Specially Coated (AG): Anti-Glare & Anti-Reflection
  • Use of Nano-molecular technology to dissolve the anti-blue light solution evenly into the PET film
  • Special Silicone gel to minimise air bubbles in order to achieve best adhesive result

What is Blue Light ?
  • The bluelight highest wave-length at 420-450 um.
  • Our eyes detect a narrow band of wavelengths referred to as the “visible light spectrum”, which consist of the three primary colours: Blue (380–490nm), Green (490–590nm), and Red (590–780nm).
  • These wavelengths transmit through to Retina, a light-sensitive layer of tissue lining the inner surface of the eye, and are ultimately sent various visual centres of the brain.As mentioned, blue-light (380–490nm) is being shorter in wavelength, thus carries more energy compare to other visible light.
  • If light is allowed to reach retina directly without any protection mechanism, blue-light can inflict more damage on retina than the other colour.

Blue Light damage
  • In contemporary times, humans frequently stress their eyes by staring at the computer or reading at close ranges for long periods of time, resulting in eye fatigue, blurry vision, myopia progression, dry eyes, and sore eyes. Exposures to blue light easily results in eye damage, especially inflicting macular degeneration.
  • Light from electronic devices is the light source we are most exposed to in our daily activities, only second to light from natural sources. Because of the wide spread and heavy use of electronic devices nowadays, such as monitor, TV screen, tablet and smart phone, it has drastically increased our exposure to the dangerous blue-light.

Impactor test
  • An impactor test apparatus designed in accordance with EN 60079-0/2012 ANNEX ,and used for the impact test, a steel impactor ,weight of 1 kg with steel head diameter of 25 mm.
  • Peel the protection film off then attach the sample on a tough melamine surface (3mm thickness) ,and then secure on wooden working table .
  • Each sample be tested with an increasing
    impact height staring 5 cm(0.5 J energy) and up to 30cm (3 J energy) or it is broken .