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LCD Monitor Protective Filter

Anti-UV High-Transmittance Protective Filter

Product Name : Anti-UV High-Transmittance Protective Filter

Item No. : PLU


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  1. Filter manufactured with an optical acrylic sheet.
  2. High light transmittance: Light transmittance greater than 92% for highly saturated image and improved brightening effect displayed on one LCD TV.
  3. Streamline design of an L-shaped protective filter without adverse effect on heat sinks at the top of an LCD TV set.
  4. Anti-collision & dust-proof for more protections of one TV set; robust protective filter.
  5. Wall-mount style available to any types of LCD TVs.
  6. No frame design which does not affect appearance of an LCD or LED screen.
  7. Absorption of strong UV externally or from an LCD screen.
  8. 17"/19"/19"W/22"/24".