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LCD Monitor Protective Filter

Optical Multi-Layered Goggles

Product Name : Optical Multi-Layered Goggles

Item No. : AR


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A (anti) R (reflection) – Multi-Layered Optical Vacuum Coating
Coating (AR) technology substantially reducing both reflection and glare and conforming to a proper percentage of light transmittance on a customized basis

  1. Coating technology: Multi-layered optical vacuum coating (AR) for representation of hyacinthine light
  2. Optimal thickness between 0.5mm and 0.8mm: Invisible protective filter attached inside with protective functions
  3. Filter with an anti-reflection surface: Based on the multi-layered curing technology, the filter is able to resist blaze and reflection from an LCD monitor and improve color saturation and contrast for natural undistorted images displayed on LCD. The exclusive coating technology significantly eliminates unnecessary glare and reflection.
  4. 99% of blaze from a screen isolated; anti-UV (99%); anti-reflection (99%); specific conductive film on coating effective in isolating trace amounts of LCD-induced radiation
  5. 17"/19"/19"W/22"/24".
In addition to protective capability given to a fragile LCD screen, the goggles to be worn by one viewer who is watching TV in a short distance for a long period is intended for moderating blaze-induced discomfort of one viewer such as dry eyes or eyestrain wherein serious eyestrain will cause xerophthalmia which should not be neglected by one LCD user.